Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Driving me to Drink (or at least to "Tivo")

Last night was a crazy night for fall tv premieres. There was so much on that even with a dual tuner DVR I had to make a decision which shows I would stream online later. Some of this is directly caused by the networks putting their best stuff on in the same time slots. This used to be just good old fashioned competition. Now I think it is having the effect of pushing viewers (at least those that are somewhat tech inclined) online.

Whats more is that I swear during the 3 hour season premiere of Heroes (another competitive game) NBC so oversold the advertising that it seemed to be 1 line of dialogue followed by 3-5min of commercials. Plus the obvious product placement throughout the show. Talk about driving your audience to DVRs...

Take note networks you now officially have no room to claim that DVRs are driving you out of business. We love your move to stream your content online - now if you will give in and let us download the shows directly to our DVR/home media servers (with ads intact) we would love you even more.

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