Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Political Progress

I've made a decision regarding the direction of my blogging. I find a huge outlet in writing my politically charged rants but I think that it takes something away from what I could be doing here. I've recently entered into the realm of social networking and do some writing there as well. I find that it has a flavor much different that what I would ever think of putting on TG. It's specific. I feel like those posts belong there. Even though some of my posts here are cathartic as hell - I've never felt that I had a direction on this site.

To that end I've setup a new account on a site that is entirely political in its nature. Not only is it political but it's a site where I find many like minds. Much like the specific interest TV channels, The Daily Kos is a site specific to (largely) progressive political discussion. So I have resolved that I will be posting my politically themed stuff there and tainting the guacamole with writing on largely personal experience and technical topics. In short, stuff my friends might actually like to hear from me as we down beers and eat our chips and salsa...

My political leaning stuff will find a new home - where I think it belongs. on The Daily Kos. My page can be found at: Where I've started things off with a virtual reprint of my TG posting - Painful Socialization.

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