Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hate April 1st!

I HATE April 1st! The worst day of the year for people that live online. It was bad enough when I was a kid. My parents would short sheet the bed or replace my drinks with something else. Friends would make lame attempts at fooling me with stories about upcoming albums or video games. Yawn.

Now with the Internet everyone has to be a joker. Even sites that a person normally trusts, think they are oh-so-damn-funny with fake news stories. Online catalogs put up fake crap you can't order. Your favorite sites put up fake pages or announce they are being bought out for huge sums. I'm betting this year the fad will be that they are filing for bankruptcy or applying for a bail out. Or somehow changing the business model due to the economy. The worst is that every person in your contact list send you emails trying childish things like attempts at rickroll gags or tricks to get you to view disgusting photos.

All of which is normally funny. When no-one is expecting it. Just NOT on the same fraking day that the billion or so other idiots with Internet connections think they are the only ones that can pull a prank. Read my lips. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY.

This year - be original - be different. Don't be a lame ass internet joker on April 1. Surprise me - Please!

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