Friday, May 15, 2009

Muni Don’t Take My Kodachrome

I know this borders on political and I pledged to put that kind of thing on my Daily Kos page but hey, It's my party and I can't resist. I hate the infringement of any of our constitutional rights. Stopping photographers is absolutely ludicrous. I sure wish the Obama administration would take interest in restoring the bill of rights.

The hilarious (and bogus) id above is courtesy of Matthew Williams and his blog. Has several good resources for photographers interested in not going to jail. Who knows - one of these might work with a cop or guard idiot enough to try and enforce non-existent laws. His full posting can be had here:


Since I posted this originally (yesterday) the id card has disappeared from the original blog posting. Not just the image but any mention of it. Unknown as to the reason.


Had some email with Mr. Williams and he confirmed that took down the card due to legal reasons. It appears he has gotten some legal advice and the card is back on his site - along with a rather serious disclaimer.
View the details in the large image here

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