Friday, July 10, 2009

How to never go over your minutes again

A little trick with Google Voice can keep you from using almost any minutes on your wireless plan, that is if you are with a carrier that lets you register frequently called numbers for no cost calls. Plans like "Friends and Family" or "My Circle".

How it works: First register your Google voice number with your carrier as one of your choices. This way calls to and (usually) from Google voice will be free. Next go into your contacts list and add a new number for each contact in this form - google voice number, pause (usually commas), 2, 10 digit number of your contact, #

That's it. Just use the new number whenever you place calls. Assuming you have issued your google voice number to your contacts as your "new" number you should almost never have the need to use any of your wireless plan minutes.

A gift from me to you...

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