Thursday, November 05, 2009

Passing of a Friend

I've just now learned of the passing of someone that many will miss. Lyle was a fixture at BMW motorcycle rallys. He has been at almost every one that I have ever attended. Lyle put in a million miles on his BMWs. Imagine that. Crossing the whole US is around 3k depending how you do it...

I remember sitting in the shade by a creek at a rally in South Dakota a couple of years ago. Friends from Germany, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and all over the US enjoying the company and beautiful day. We were playing a game with Lyle where we would describe riding a road and he would tell us the number, and where it went. Or the opposite - name a road number and he would tell you a story about riding it. None of us could stump him.

I'll always remember Lyle with several friends in tow among the bikes and tents or surrounded at dinner by wannbe's like me, eager to hear his stories. He was always smiling and laughing.

Lyle actually passed in August near his home - riding his motorcycle. He will be missed.

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