Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best

I spend a lot of time (words) on this blog ranting about failures of tech, politics, and the assorted sundry of man's general idocy.   Today - the last of 2009 - I think I'll reverse that.  For one post at least.  

Hands down the best thing of 2009 for me was that I got to spend a bit more than 9 months with my sons.  This is a very big deal to a divorced father living 2000 miles from where his kids attend school.  It came about in a scary way but in the end turned into maybe the best year I've ever had with my boys.  I am amazed that sometimes the worst of situations can deliver such joy.  

I am blessed to have two of the most intelligent, loving, funny, caring, and tolerant sons that have ever existed.  Every day they do things that make me laugh and make me proud.  Sometimes they do things that make me cry.  Occasionally people and the world make me angry and protective of them.  All of it makes my love for them that much stronger.   I wake up every day excited to see what they will be up to.  

Over the last year I have also gotten to know my parents in a way that few sons ever do.  They have always been there for me.  This last year has been unquestionably the hardest of my life from many angles.   Dealing with the death of a dear friend.  The scare of someone I care deeply for being mortally ill and the financial burden brought on by several events and life choices to name just a few.  It's still far from over.  I wish the passing of another calendar would make that possible.  What I do know, my parents have been there for me - both as protective parents and as good friends.  They have been there for me in a way that I hope I can repay.  Probably only in doing the same for my boys.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

Another of the best things has been reconnecting with several of my good friends.  This year has been a goldmine for that and I will solidly give credit to technology in that arena.  Mostly to Facebook.  As much as I distrust it and really hate many of its features and annoyances it has brought me together with at least several friends that I don't want to ever loose touch with again.

Through the hardships of this year and mostly through the amazing good things I have crested yet another peak in the long mountain climb of life.  I understand myself better than I ever have.  Love more deeply than I ever have.  Enjoy each day more than I ever have, and now truly know what is important and what doesn't matter.  I'm standing on the top of that peak - looking at the climb to the next and this time I'm excited.  No matter what the future holds I know what is truly the best for me.

I hope that for anyone reading this that 2010 can bring you what is "the best" in your life and the ability to recognize what doesn't matter.

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