Thursday, February 04, 2010

Multitouch blows

Multi-touch blows - long live double tap.

I just need to register my opinion here.  I don't want multi-touch in the Android browser.  I know I'm in the minority.  I've mussed with my son's ipods and I installed the Dolphin browser.  After using it for an afternoon I stopped and went back to the built in.  Multi-touch, at least for web browsing sucks.  The Android browser is so simple.  Double tap and it's perfectly zoomed.  Text re-flowed. No hosing around for 2 minutes to get the page the correct size.  Please give me the option of double tap or pinch.

Pinch in the gallery - fine.  Multi-touch for games - absolutely!  Leave my browser alone!

Update: From Twitter: @Leolaporte reports: "Google just pushed the Nexus One update to my phone. 2.1 Update 1. Build ERE27. Multitouch is on for maps and gallery but not browser."


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