Friday, February 12, 2010

What's wrong with the iPhone

The iPhone will never compete with Android.

I've used an iPhone for at least 5 minutes and I've come to the conclusion that it's a nice try but it's just not ready for prime time.  I mean really - a phone without such basic usability as active wallpapers is just not a serious player.  The iPhone will just never be a serious Android killer until it gets basic functionallity like active wallpapers and the long press.  I have heard rumors that Apple is looking at including the long press in it's next browser - Eric Schmidt will never let that stand!

The iPhone is just not intuitive.  After the simplicity of Android's window shade notifications I guess I just expect more. For example, I got into what Apple calls a web browser and couldn't find a way out.  I had to actually ask someone else!  The so-called "home" key is a joke.  It doesn't even look like a home at all.  In fact it doesn't even look like a key!   I thought it was the microphone.  Come on Apple get on the usability bandwagon and design a UI that's actually intuitive. 

Bottom line:  Until the iPhone looks and works just like Android users will pass it by.  Sorry Apple it's just not an Android killer.

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