Monday, April 19, 2010

Yellow alert!

Yellow alert!

The guy is walking his dog again! 

I have to comment on last night's dog walk.  I love my daily walks with my dogs.  They are a nice break for a bit of excercise, I get to keep up with what the Joneses are doing, and it's the primary time I spend listening to the myriad audio content from the net.  

Moving up my street on a particularly beautiful spring evening I was just getting into a pod-cast and had just received a txt message.  As I read the message I was brought out of my trance by a guy yelling at me from his porch. 

I pulled out the headphones and said "Sorry?"  He proceeded to read me out for allowing my Jack Russell to dribble a few drops in his flower bed.  Now mind you it appeared that he had just finished some work in this bed, and had I been keeping sharp attention on my dog at that moment I certainly would not have allowed him to set foot near it.   I appologised for my lack of attention but kept walking.

Really - you plant a flower bed next to the sidewalk (surrounding a gas lamp) and don't think dogs are going to pee in it...  Not sure what world you live in but it must be frustrating as hell.

The thing that bugs me is that I am the guy that actually picks up after his dog.  From the state of the sidewalks and front lawns in my area - maybe the only one that does.  Now the inbred yee-haw Wyoming red neck in me wants to make sure that my dog pees in that bed every time I pass.  I'll have to take measures - maybe drink an imported beer and watch a Indie film before I walk the dog...

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