Wednesday, May 05, 2010

GTOW (Geek tip of the week)

Consolidate your inboxen with gmail.

A lot of folk have several email accounts or have found themselves with more than they want - especially those with brand new Android phones.  If you have a Gmail account it can do things that you may not know about - like make managing your multiple accounts simpler. 

First of all - Gmail can act like a POP or IMAP client and poll your other accounts. This works just like using Thunderbird or Outlook to get your mail.  See settings Accounts to set this up.

Of course just grabbing the messages from your other accounts doesn't solve the problem.  The really cool thing is that Gmail can also SEND mail from other addresses.  Again hit the settings - accounts tab to do this.  Gmail can actually be configured to even use your SMTP server if you run into spam trap issues doing this.

But wait we aren't finished - if you want to keep your other address but not have to constantly prune the other mailbox - just setup your other account to forward everything to your gmail account and then delete.  I've been doing this for my personal domain(s) for years.  It all goes into my gmail account. 

Handy!  VERY, VERY handy for us Android folk. 

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