Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GTOW (Geek tip of the week)

Back to simple tips this week...  Shave like a geek.

Here it is:

Save your money - Forget the electric razors - unless you have a specific kind of beard they never shave worth a darn and force you scrape back and forth repeatedly leaving you with red, rashy, skin that everyone thinks is weird but no one tells you about.  Like having that chunk of green stuff in your teeth.

Save your money - Forget the expensive razors with 15 blades and strip of gunk.  They don't work any better than a single or double blade.  Get the cheapest disposable you can find.  I still use the Bic sensitive skin razors that cost about $2 a dozen.

Spend a little - get good shaving cream.  The good stuff comes in a tube like toothpaste (I like the Every Man Jack brand).  If it comes in a can it's foam - or a gel that turns into foam.  Useless.  The entire point of using this stuff is simply to lubricate your skin so the blade doesn't scrape it off.  Foam is just money down the drain.   If you run out - just use a nice layer of whatever soap you've got.  Still better than foam.  Terrific if you have a good shaving brush to froth it up with.

Spend a little more - get a good after shave lotion.  NOT the stinky liquid crap!  A real lotion.  Even with the best cream and a fresh blade you will still scrape off the top layer of skin.  Be nice to the new layer.  For you guys in the audience - I recommend Neutrogena men's after shave lotion.  The Every Man Jack stuff is ok but doesn't seem to be absorbed as well.

The final big tip - shave In the shower.  The girl geeks figured this out a long time ago. 

Guys - Spend a little and get a shower mirror.  I think I put down about $10 for one at Target about 15 years ago and I'm still using it.  This is the real magic.  The water softens your beard and you never make another mess in the sink.  If nothing else this will save you about 10 minutes in your morning routine and your face will thank you.

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