Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's Happened to Apple?

I'm about as far from being an Apple fanboy as you can get and still like and respect the products.  I do think that their version of *nix is pretty nice -if a little dull- and I've always admired the aesthetic design of their hardware (and the ability to charge and get premium buckage for it).  Less the original iMac that looked like vt100 terminals and the Barbie iPurse version of the "iBook" of course.


What I'm really talking about though is that since Apple originally ripped of Xerox they have been pretty constant innovators.  Not in the Microsoft sense of the word (we are inovative because we say so dammit!), but truly bringing something new to the market and doing so repeatedly.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my android phone - but credit where it's due.  The iPhone broke new ground with the inclusion of multiple sensors and a full face touch screen.  The Mac Mini is at least a clever repackaging, and things like the magnetic power connector on the apple laptops and the way the Airport just plugs in to an outlet - all innovative and some would even say elegant.

Recently however "Think Different" doesn't really apply - unless you think you want a silver computer with exactly the same set of software that Steve Jobs and every other apple owner has.  Apple is pretty much the Harley Davidson of the computer world.  Great brand recognition and owners that espouse their difference from the mainstream.  All the while trying desperately to fit in with all the other folks wearing the same clothes, and buying the same machines and accessories.  Lets just hope that leather chaps never catch on.  Imagine the fat geeks at MacWorld... Shudder!


Case in point.  The last two big announcements from Mr. Jobs.  Take the the iPad.  For one - Apple got beaten into producing this product by it's own fans.  Second - it turns out a big iPod touch is just, well, a big iPod.  I don't care how many they sold it's just not innovative.  The iPad is like this year's big boobed actress that plays her role in the explosions and cleavage formula  for any given summer action movie.  Sure it's sexy and just what you expect, but then it's just what you expect isn't it? You aren't really satisfied but, you don't really feel ripped off - unless there aren't quite enough slow motion, running from the explosion in a tank top scenes.  BTW - Mr. Jobs, We ARE still waiting on those cleavage shots...

Then today.  Not only is the iPhone 4 a dud - it was actually outed weeks ahead of time, to exacting detail, on several blogs.  The big news?  The iPhone hardware has almost caught up to the high end Android phones.  Oh and there is a video chat app.  Triple yawn!!!  Plus it appears that they are outsourcing their industrial design to Microsoft.  Check out the white version (Children and those with weak constitutions might want to shield your eyes).. 

I was hoping that all the blogs were acting on miss-information and that Mr. Jobs had something cool up his sleeve again.  Like a device that really does something with augmented reality.  Put the gyro, a camera and a display in some librarian glasses and have Ms. Bigg Boobs show them off on stage!  Now that would have the fanboys - well, drooling like fanboys...


Ms. Information indeed!  I guess Apple's reign of innovation is over.  It's all up to you now Google!

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