Friday, July 09, 2010

GTOW (Geek tip of the week)

Post photos online like a geek.

This can be a hugely complex subject.  My reccomendation:  Sign up for a Picasa account and then download the Picasa software for windows / Mac or even better get that Ubuntu pc I have been touting and use Fspot.  There are direct and simple "share" or "export" options in these programs that will automatically create albums and resize photos for you.  Also the default Gallery app on Android 2.1 and higher has awesome integration with Picasa. 

All three also make quick work of resizing and emailing photos. For other sites like facebook and that other Yahoo,  Fspot and the Android gallery are just as simple as they are with Picasa.

Simple and sweet.  Have a great weekend - go out and support some live music wherever you are and post your pictures.  If you do send me the link!  I'd love to see em.

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