Friday, July 09, 2010

Review - The Droid as a Motorcycle GPS and Entertainment device

A couple weeks ago I took the droid in place of my beloved Garmin 2730 on about a 600mi round trip.  The verdict.  It's ok.

Google Listen for podcasts and Slacker radio (cached stations) for music worked beautifully.

Since I don't like the idea of ripping my ears out in a sudden "get off" - I initially attempted to use a Motorola bluetooth "pendant" to allow me to use my custom ear molds and not be tethered to the bike.  I got almost 2 blocks before it started acting up and I just plugged the headphones directly into the phone.

I got a usb-12v adapter to keep the phone charged and put the phone in the map pocket on my tankbag.  It worked just fine with one big exception.  You cannot control the phone without stopping, taking off a glove and pulling the phone out of the tankbag.  Also - in rural WY and CO there is no 3g and often no service at all.  Navigation becomes useless out here.  However truth be told I rarely need navigation on the highway though.  Once in cities that changes rather drastically - right along with the 3g service conveniently. 

If you have a smart phone like the Droid and have not made the plunge to purchase an on-bike GPS or music setup the phone will work until you do.  However if you have gear - I'd wait until someone comes up with a hack to allow at least control of the Droid on the fly... Stick with the traditional GPS and music gear for now.

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