Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Riding

With the arrival of Fall full on and morning temps in the low 40's I've got to sing the praise of my favorite cold weather item (outside of a good coat and gloves).  The Aerostich Wind Triangle. 

Anyone that's ever ridden on a cold day can tell you that the coldest thing on them is that gap between helmet and coat.  So cold it's actually painful.  The wind triangle is simple and brilliant at at the same time.  Its basically a half bandana made of fleece and a wind proof layer of GoreTex under a soft cloth shell.  There is a strip of Velcro at two corners.

You hook the thing around your neck / chin (I put mine around my chin and double fasten it under the chinstrap of my helmet).  Tuck the rest into your jacket and no more cold neck - no more cold wind leaking up into your helmet from the bottom.  As a bonus - you don't look like a dork in a space suit either.

Available from Aerostich of course.

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