Thursday, November 25, 2010

Technology I'm Thankful for.

Being that it's once again Thanksgiving day - I thought I'd remark on the tech that has made my life better this year.

Number one has to be my Droid.  I've had it for a year now and I have to say that it is definitely the tech that has changed / made my life better on a daily basis.  From allowing me to keep in near constant contact with my distant sons to making me absolutely addicted to instant information at a level I never thought possible.  Oh and Angry Birds too...

Second is my Xbox.  Being that I generally avoid anything Microsoft like the plague (writing this via one of my Ubuntu systems) - I have to give M$ big love on the Xbox.  Great games, Netflix (can't wait for Hulu), DVD player, and the ability to play games and talk with my sons from across the country.

Third - begrudgingly goes again to Facebook.  Even with it's privacy issues - stupid games -and censorship.  Done correctly it allows you to re-connect with old pals and keep up with current friends and yes - even family. 

Third - Ubuntu.  Best-OS-Evar!  Better than Windows and OSX combined! (see my previous review)

A special mention this year goes to Skype.  Thanks to Skype and my droid I had the weird experience of a conversation from the back of a car with a friend in Australia very early on new year's morning.  I troubleshot a problem on another friend's pc (via screen sharing) and most recently made possible a visit for my hospitalized mother from her grandsons that are half a continent away.  Very, Very awesome.

That's it.  As a tech blogger of sorts on this day set aside for giving thanks.  Thanks to all of the people that make these technologies possible.  You rock!

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