Thursday, October 20, 2011

My new favorite Android app.

This is the least flashy - maybe even dull app I've ever stumped - but it does something so useful and does it so well.  It's SMS Backup+.  What it does is automatically (or on demand) backup all of your SMS messages to a label in your Gmail account. Simple. Awesome. 

Within that label the messages are stored as standard Gmail "conversations" with each person and even include any photos.  You can set the timing of the backups and limit the backups to only occur when wifi connected if you are on a limited bandwidth plan.

I primarily use txt messages for things like phone, model, and serial numbers or addresses.  Discrete bits of information.  Or for photos - mostly to and from my sons.  I very often want to go back and look up a specific message.  The problem is that phones have finite storage space.  Especially my OG Droid.  I need to clear the txt message space fairly often.  Sometimes just for security sake.

Until June I was relying on and very happy with WaveSecure from Symantec.  Something changed at the end of June and my backups stopped working.  When I contacted them about the problem the support engineer asked me for my EIN. Very suspicious (to say the least) and just not going to happen.  I have since changed my recovery software to Prey (which I am very happy with on my Laptops) and just recently started to use SMS Backup+. 

It works.  Does not seem to eat memory, and I love having the messages right there.  I love that I don't have to log into another site.  Highest recommendation!

Install it here.

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