Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Pontification on the "Health Care" law...

Ok, Gonna say it once here.  I'm disappointed that the Affordable Care Act was upheld.  I know this will surprise my friends that have somehow convinced themselves that I'm a Liberal.  (hint: I'm also not a Conservative - deal with it)

  • First of all lets get something straight.  It's the "Affordable Care Act" NOT "Obamacare".  Stop being children.
  • Second - this is a law architected by Republicans.  Essentially it's the same law that John Boehner and others proposed as an alternative to Hillary Clinton's proposal in the 90's.  It was dumb then and it's dumb now - and it's astronomically hypocritical for the the republicans to have such a conniption over it. 
  • Third - This is not a law about health care.  It's a law that fills the coffers of insurance companies. Companies who's business success depends on NOT paying for your healthcare.  Think about that. 
  • Fourth - And most important.  We have still not had a real debate on healthcare in the US.  I was hoping that the law would be struck down which should actually force some action on health care.  Apparently it takes a 2x4 across the nose to get certain political parties off their fat asses.  With the law standing it will just mean that the republicans have something else to distract in the elections (at least its not the 3Gs for a change *) and the dems - well they will be dems and do not a fucking thing as usual.
* 3Gs = Guns, God, Gays...  

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