Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gun Wars (and what it's like standing between opposing forces)

A long time ago, in a galaxy...

No? Okay I won't go there (anymore).  I know this blog has not been very tech, motorbike etc related as of late (and I promise to get back there someday) but this seems to be the water cooler topic just about everywhere.  As what I like to call "a realist" politically I find myself in the middle of the battle and I think that both sides could use a time out and a little advice.

Pro-Gun folk:
Calling the other side things like "idiots" and (my personal peeve) "libtards" is just simply offensive and supports the other side's assumption that you are a toothless hillbilly that likes to yell "heee haww" as you fire your fully automatic black evil rifle at innocent kitties and duckies.  Most of the truly liberal friends I have are under the impression that you can waltz down to wally world and buy a full auto 50cal and cans full of belt fed joy to go along with it just like Arnold and Sylvester do in the movies.  They need your gentle, rational explanations of what is actually real.  You know backed by experience, facts and quotable sources not just made up statistics in photos on the interwebs.

Anti-Gun folk:
When you form an opinion on a subject based solely on emotion and what you have seen in movies and then call the pro-guners uninformed and ignorant is, well, just that.  You most definitely have a few friends that are gun owners and probably even enthusiasts.  After all, statistics show that 8 out of 10 American homes own firearms so it shouldn't be a difficult search.  Ask them to explain "assault weapons" to you. (hint: they don't actually exist) and why they fully support the idea that gun free zones are actually a really BAD idea.  In short - stop assuming you have the full picture and get an education before you form an opinion.

Now I'm going to make you hold hands and talk like adults.  If you are good maybe we can all go for ice cream when you're done.  

In short - There are things we can do that actually have a chance at decreasing violence and they cannot be discussed until the Peirs Morgans and Alex Jones's of the world STFU and act like reasonable people.

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