Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quit yer Bitchin Penguin Boy!

Warning: This post contains the F word (and other "color").  If your panties get yanked up to your neck when you see it then go somewhere else.

This goes out to all of you Linux wonks that still whine about Ubuntu's Unity UI.  KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!

Seriously!  I really hated it too when it first came out too. I bitched and moaned with the best of them.

Have you tried it since 11.04 or do you base your entire whiny ass opinion on trying a beta once upon a time?

I use Unity on pretty much every production workstation I've got.  I have one laptop at home that still runs Gnome and Docky.  You know what?  I fukin hate Gnome now.  I hit the super key or the Alt key about 100 times a session and then go "shit!" and then slog through the menus...  Feels like digging a ditch.

Being that it's a laptop with the shitty laptop video res I also have the indicator bar (and docky) set to autohide.  They drive me frikin nuts poping up in the way all the damn time.  I'm telling you Gnome sucks ass after you make the switch to Unity.

Since I've started to use the the dock and the HUD regularly everything else seems clunky and outdated.  Canonical leapfrogged over every other OS out there - including Apple - with the elegance and power of Unity.  (W$ users are still confused if it doesn't blue screen, or require me to load drivers)

I know we all get sick of the dickhead W$ users complaining that Linux doesn't work just like W$ and run the exact same software, so therefore it sux.  Well, you Unity whiners are exactly the same as those morons.

Newsflash!  It's not Gnome!  It works differently!  Get the fuck over it!

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor - load a copy of 12.10 and try doing things by hitting the super key for a day.  You will never go back.

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