Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mini DV4 on Raspberry PI - Mini Howto

Mini DV4 on Raspberry PI - Mini Howto

Write it to an SD card (on Ubuntu - extract it - right click and choose “Open with Disk Image Writer)

Boot the PI and run “Raspi-Config” - Choose “Internationalization Options” and set the locality / timezone / keyboard settings.  Choose “enable SSH”. Then Choose “Expand File System” and re-boot.

Note: Don’t bang your head running the version that comes with the image.  

do “sudo su” and delete everything in the /root directory. - should just be a bunch of .cfg files.

Go back to on your main pc (because there is no web browser on the PI image) and download the current software to it’s own directory.  Then SSH to pi@ipaddress (pw is raspberry) and sftp the new software into the dv4mini directory.

Now on the pi insert the dongle and run the software.  You will probably need to go to the “expert settings” tab and select fixed IP.  Put in  

It will probably load a weird default config but you should be able to edit it to your own settings.  

Close the software and then re-start it to make sure it actually saved your config.

MiniDV4 for Fusion (C4FM) on Ubuntu 14.04 - Mini howto

MiniDV4 for Fusion (C4FM) on Ubuntu 14.04 Mini howto.

Download software from and stick it in it’s own directory.  cd to that directory.  Then do sudo apt-get install mono-complete and go get a cup of coffee…

... welcome back.  Do a chmod +x dv_serial

Insert the stick and run mono dv4mini.exe

The first thing you will need to do is input your DMR user number. If you don’t have a DMR user number you will need to go to and register for a DMR number becase the DMR/Dstar world doesn’t understand that hams (and Fusion users) use these weird things called call signs…

The software won’t connect to anything until you do this.  Also - be aware once you register it takes like 3 or 4 days for the US database to sync to the EU database - which is where the software looks to validate you.  Nowhere in any of the documentation is this mentioned…

The software should find the dongle, but if not make sure you ran the chmod command and that dv_serial is marked executable.  The .net UI will launch this executable that is actually a Linux executable and is the true guts of the software.  I understand that you can just run this with the generated .cfg file (that will be in your home directory) and it will work.

If the software still just loops and says “searching for dv4 minis” you can force the issue by going to the “expert settings” tab and telling the software to connect to a fixed IP of

This will probably load a weird default config but you should be able to make changes.  Then restart the software to be sure it saved your settings.