Monday, January 29, 2007


11,075. Big number. It just happens to be the number of hits I get on Google News about Windows Vista. I think thats probably just today's stories... SICK of Vista and I haven't even seen it. Not that I need to. Here's my predictions:

  • Has an "innovative" bar across the bottom of the screen. Maybe it does something like hide on one side or enlarge the icons of the programs as you mouse over - or maybe it can even be (wait for it) transparent! Where do they get these innovative ideas anyway?
  • Has less options on the menus and totally does not respond to any button but the left mouse - unless you purchase the plus-pro-enterprise-signature edition for 10k. Then you can install a $300 pack that will let you right click. Oh and you will need a $2000 Cal and a support agreement too. Plus you still need to buy the new version of office if you want to do anything. Remember - this is a "trusted" platform - and who can trust software thats 6mo old and non made by Microsoft...
  • Makes you buy a new computer with an 8Ghz processor and 8 gigs of ram - so you can run office 07 at the same speed you ran office 97 on a pentium 50.
  • New box
  • New logo
  • "Home edition" still comes with no usable software other than a web browser and movie maker.
  • Costs $300 for the "upgrade".
I think I'll go buy a Wii. I need something new to shake a stick at.