Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introverts Unite

I spent the entire day at a management retreat today. Lucky me. Actually as they go this one wasn't too bad. Actual work was accomplished and there was only one time that I felt like leaving.

My boss - who was involved intimately in the planning and production of the program warned me about a particular section. Turns out that he was 100% correct. He, and as it turns out actually all of those in attendance were required to sing - a contrived version of lyrics over a classic rock tune. Twice. About the most uncomfortable - non fun - 15 minutes I've had since my mother set me up with a blind date. The entire time it was going on those around me (and several other introverts I could see in the room) were laughing and pointing and having a merry time at our expense. It's been brewing and pissing me off ever since.

I know some reading this are thinking "so what". The problem is that this isn't a big deal to most extroverts. Fun even. If you are an extrovert, you are probably thinking "you weirdo introvert you just need to get over your problem - loosen up and have fun..."

Well you karaoke singing - public masturbating sicko, FUCK YOU!

This is not some abnormality or mental issue I can just get over. This is who I am! It's my personality. I was born this way. It's not something to be made fun of. I feel that there may even be grounds for legal action in some cases of this kind of abuse and persecution.

It's time for all of us introverts to stand up and call this what it is. Abuse. I've got no problem with tequila fueled extroverts butchering Puff the Magic Dragon in front of an audience if they like, or being the willing court jester in other ways. I accept that it's normal - for them and whats more it's their choice. I'm sure someone will tell me to "chill out" it's not that big of a deal.

Well, you American Idol wannabe, for starters, I would never force and extrovert to do something contrary to their personality. I certainly would not further take pleasure in doing it. I would also never dream of telling them there is something wrong with them because they don't like what I'm forcing them to do. And if I did that in a business environment to my employees for example, I'd expect legal action and most likely the loss of my job. I don't think the lawyers would settle for my explanation that "hey, it's no big deal".

If you ask someone to be involved in a stunt like this and they say "no" take them seriously. You never know when a freak like me will make a huge deal out of it. If you setup a situation like this and introverts leave don't be surprised. If you threaten my livelihood because I left your shindig - expect to talk to my attorney and get some of that attention you crave in the local media. I may be an introvert but I also know know abuse when I see it and I refuse to be on the receiving end.

Note to my boss: don't worry, you didn't set me off on this - it's been brewing for a long while.