Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Series that Gets it Right.


I originally got interested in this show because of the BBC's excellent Sherlock.  I admit, I was initially put off - mostly due to the stars. Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.  I'm happy to say I was wrong.  Turns out they were perfect choices.  In fact this is the first thing in which I've actually liked Ms. Liu.  Truth be told - in this role I think I would actually say I love her.   She was seemingly born to play Watson.

But that's not why I'm gushing.  In the last episode the show earned my loyalty.  In one scene a cop related that "it's all public key encrypted.  We can't break that.".  FINALLY!!!  actual technical competence!  No star "breaking" 256 bit encryption in 30 seconds with a gun to his head while he gets a blowjob.  (I'm looking at YOU Swordfish)

Then later in the same episode Sherlock (Miller) picks up a phone and says something like "this is the same model of phone we found with .....  It's been rooted and an open source OS has been installed".  Fantastic!  Two correct technical moments in one episode!

Well done CBS!  I'll definitely be looking forward to next season.  Thank you for hiring actual technical advisers.