Monday, May 16, 2005

DRM - Battle two

Apparently the new Dave Matthews disk is "protected" in some way on Windows systems (details). However Linux wins this one for me. I jammed it in my Mandrake/Mandriva box. Fired up my trusty copy of Grip and moments later had a directory of beautiful .OGG files.

Sad to see this happen though. Even though DRM didn't cause me any problems personally - in this instance - Stand Up still will probably be the last Dave Matthews disk I ever buy. See Dave, DRM works! Nothing protects your rights like treating your honest paying customers like criminals and keeping them from listening to your music! I guess if you piss off your customers and don't sell any CDs there isn't anything for anyone to steal - DRM wins again!

Tell Dave what you think -

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hell no!

Not only no but HELL NO! Why should I pay Microsoft to "protect me" from the problems that they created in the first place!

It's time that Microsoft users woke up and noticed that they are handing over hard earned WADS OF CASH to be misstreated. Literally screaming "here's all my money - frustrate me, destroy my work, treat me like a criminal! - ooh a new logo and name - here's more money!".