Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TSA: Fail - From someone in a position to know.

Cable / Sat providers are so screwed

So,  I come home yesterday to a door tag from the local cable provider that my dog is just too scary and they need me to be home to protect them while they access the cable distribution box in my backyard.  I didn't call them mind you.  I cut everything but my Internet service from them last October.  I get all of my TV / music thanks to my awesome Roku, Squeezebox and other online sources.  I personally know of at least 5 others that have grown tired of paying for 300 channels and only watching 10 and have dropped their TV service as well.  Indecently -  By doing this, my monthly entertainment bill went from almost $200 to $16 for Netflix/Hulu subscriptions plus whatever I spend on shows on Amazon on demand.  So lets just say I more than cut the bill in half.
I'm supposed to get "up to" 16mb from my cable provider.  Around prime TV time I normally only get about 1 lately.  I complained about this to their tech support and was given a very impolite brush off.  Basically an email about two days later pointing me at their troubleshooting FAQ and then they closed the ticket.
Today I stayed in the home office all morning so that I could handle the vicious pooch (see attached photo).  The cable dude shows up for about 5 minutes (pretty close to the time he told me, to his credit) and leaves. 

Out of curiosity I turned on my tv and flipped to the cable input.  Prior to today I could tune in my local network channels and a few other things like QVC.  After this morning.  Nada.  All he did was put in a bandpass filter on my line.
Really?  Really?  [insert any cable/satellite company name] You ignore my tech support ticket but pay a tech to visit my house TWICE just to make sure I'm not able to watch my local, off the air stations without an antenna!  I can't believe how much you just don't get it!  The mind boggles!
To top that off - when I do bother to setup a method of watching the local channels again they are almost un-watchable due to endless "PSA"s about how unfair DISH Network has been in not paying them their huge fee increase to be carried on their service. 
You - as an industry are circling the drain. If you don't wake up and listen to what your customers are very loudly telling you - you deserve what's coming.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened


Exactly! So frustrating to deal with an industry trying to protect an outdated business model. Quit bitching about piracy and just take our money assholes!

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