Monday, November 24, 2008

A single second

This fall has been quite the ride for me personally. I crashed my car and realized that I was just a muscle twitch from seeing the death of another human. My youngest son turned 10 and I realized that 10 years had passed in a blink. One of my longest and closest friends passed away and I realized that any time with someone you love is a blessing. I almost lost another good friend and realized how lucky the world was that it didn't go the other way. Finally, my ex wife - another of my most dear friends is gravely ill and I realize how important she is to me and my sons. I've made huge changes in my life and my personal outlook as a result. Most of them with the help of people who's only interest was to do the right thing in helping someone else.

With this in mind and in this season - with Thanksgiving and whatever you celebrate around the winter solstice fast approaching - for me anyway, food tastes better, music moves me to tears and sunsets tend to turn me to mush. I've learned that while a life can change in a single second, what makes it all worth while are the people around you. Count your blessings, Love your family, Appreciate your friends, thank your boss, and help the person next to you however you can.

Happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Pride

I must say - even though I expect the state to vote the dark side again - I'm very proud of how we do things here. At least in my county we put pen to paper. Count the votes electronically - but we have actual paper ballots. Also none of that discrimination or intimidation at the polls - not only could you vote early but you can walk up to the poll on election day and register right there. Way to go Wyo!