Monday, June 09, 2008

Pay Pal Plug-in

UPDATE: I just checked and PayPal has finally updated the plug in to work with FireFox 3.

This may be the most useful thing I've found in a long while. I've used Pay Pal for years - buying online - on ebay and even to send and receive money from friends on a couple of rare occasions. I love using it for online purchases since I don't have to go digging around for a credit card and enter a bunch of numbers - or even usually my shipping address. But allot of sites still don't take PP for some reason. For those sites there is now the Pay Pal plug-in for both Firefox and IE (on Windoze only at this time).

This little gem does allot of stuff - like check your balance, let you send money all that Pay Pal type stuff. The really cool thing however is that it will generate a "secure card". Basically a single use credit card number - paid from your pay pal account (and the accounts tied to it). I know many banks do this too - but, it does this in a fantastic way. It notices when you get to the "checkout" and pops up asking if you want to generate a card. If you do you pump in your Pay Pal password and it generates the card - then it fills in the form for you! When the transaction is done it even asks if you would like it to save the receipt page for you. If you do nothing it just goes away and leaves you in peace.

Bravo Pay Pal!

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