Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Black Day.

Another Black Day for the Motorcycle World.

According to stories published in both the paper and electronic versions of the Casper Star Tribune an icon of the motorcycle world died Thursday in western Wyoming. Bruce Rossmeyer set a very high example and would easily be considered a pillar in any community. Yet he died as a result of something as simple as a bad choice on an afternoon ride.

Again I plead with any driver reading this. Look twice. Look again. Never use your phone while in motion.

Bikers - Please ride with the belief that you are invisible to most and that those who can see you are trying to kill you. I know it's easy to let yourself return to being a 16yr old when you are on the bike - lord knows it happens to all of us but do your best to resist.

The Star Tribune seems to have two different stories but the comments in the first one sheds a lot of light into what really happened.

The following link is from Mr. Rossmeyer's website. Please read this so you understand the loss we have all suffered. It's easy as a driver to dismiss the "biker scum" but you truly never know who might be riding that bike in the next lane.

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