Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Open Source Rising?

Every year seems to be heralded as the "Year Linux makes it on the desktop" and every year seems to end the same. I've never been one to believe hype but I do tend to put some credence into actual evidence. Dell and most other manufacturers have always poo-pooed selling pre-installed Linux desktops citing that there was no customer demand. Well get this. Either something has changed drastically or the manufacturers just didn't want to endanger their deals with Microsoft.

Dell put up a website called "Ideastorm" and has been asking it's customers for their input. As of this writing the top 6 requests are:

  1. Pre-installed Linux
  2. Pre-installed Open Office
  3. No extra software (like AOL, MSN etc)
  4. Linux laptop
  5. No pre-installed OS
  6. Fire Fox as default browser.
This - coupled with the news of really poor adoption of Vista might just be the first signs that the computing public is starting to realize the OS wars are over and explore their options. I know, I'm the eternal optimist.

UPDATE: Looks like Dell listened to the masses. Dell to Pre-Load Linux on Workstations!

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