Friday, February 16, 2007

Nonbinding blog post

Wow - a non-binding resolution passed the house today. Color me surprised. I'm so glad America spoke out so strongly for change in the last election.

This change is like - well changing one pair of dirty underwear for another. Thanks to our call for change we just got to watch (yawn) the equivalent of two fat, gay, guys in a slap fight over an ugly sweater. The only thing more pathetic than the resolution itself are the grandiose speeches proclaiming the fall of mankind and everything good and American by the republican patsies falling in line to kiss their leaders ass.

I guess this is similar to when your best friend tells you something really heinous - like they really think you are an ugly horses ass but then they make it ok by adding "hey, I'm just sayin". Hey George, you and your war suck, you are unpopular and your command of the English language is more pathetic than a Chinese immigrant with a lisp - but hey, I'm just sayin...

It was amazing to see that our elected moron Babs, was somehow able to pull herself away from hairdos and her afternoon stories, slip out of those "campaign finance meetings" and make it through traffic to vote when it really wasn't important. Go babs! Stirring speech too BTW. I was so moved I drove my FORD immediately to the nearest diner and had apple pie and hotdogs (in that order).

For those readers that respond to figures - according to the salary for the average house member is 162,100.00 a year with the various chairs and speaker making more of course. Based on that - my thumbnail guess is an average weekly salary of $3300.00 per house member. Assuming that they just wasted an entire week to produce, well, N-O-T-H-I-N-G! That big fat zero cost the us taxpayers $1435500.00 Yes you read that right. Nothing - for the bargain price of 1.5 million bucks! That pie was good though!

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