Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Partisan Politics

"Democrats pan Bush spending plan". That's the headline on Google news this morning. Funny I don't remember any caucus or vote or even super secret encrypted "communi-k" from headquarters on this... Of course why would we. Being that we Democrats exist only to knock down everything Bush and the Republicans try do do for the good of our country. I forgot our super secret plan for a moment.

Bullshit. Damn that liberal media! How about this headline "Republican flunkies and sensationalist a-holes taint American news". That would sell papers, and it's actually true for a change!

I - as one citizen am calling on all reporters, editors, and headline writers to DO YOUR JOB and report. Stop proliferating partisan politics. Here's a suggestion for the story mentioned above - how about "Congress pan's Bush spending plan". Accurate, and more importantly - NOT DIVISIVE. Unless there was a release from the Democratic National Committee panning the plan then it's Congress... See how that works media drones?

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