Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GTOW (Geek tip of the week)

This week - an easy one...  Make sure you don't get stuck without your stick.

That sinking moment.  You've just finished your presentation and on the ride to the airport you realize you left your thumb drive with your entire collection of Firefly (that you were going to watch on the plane) is still in your client's pc.  Or maybe you just finished cleaning the viruses and other crap off of your in-laws pc for the fifth time since xmas and your thumb drive, the one with your carefully constructed toolkit, is probably being gnawed on by their rottweiler of a two year old...

Well no more.  Simple geek tip.  Place an autorun.inf file in the root of your thumbdrive.  The file contents should look something like this:


label=Your Name (your@email.adr)

That's it.  Now whenever your stick is stuck into a PC it will be mounted with your name and email address.  As far as I know this only works on Windows but as most of the world inexplicably uses this OS - well it's a good bet your bases are covered.

On windows it will show up in explorer as: Your Name (your@email.adr) E: Or whatever drive it gets mounted as. 

Now assuming your client or in-law isn't thick as a brick you should be getting your collection of Mexican donkey porn back in two shakes...

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