Friday, July 02, 2010

Review - Jetboil w Coffee Press

Jetboil Flash PCS Java Kit with French Coffee Press

In a nutshell - this thing ROCKS!  I used to carry a butane stove AND a tea pot  AND  a coffee filter gizmo - AND a coffee mug.  Plus a pan, bowl etc.

What I noticed is that during bike trips I normally eat most of my meals in a restaurant or at the rally site.  When I do end up cooking at a primitive campsite I normally just need boiling water for a freeze dried meal, to heat a can of something and to make the all important morning coffee.

The Jetboil is perfection.  The entire stove, fuel can and coffee press stow in the cup.  It's about 9 inches long.  It boils a quart of water in under 2 minutes (that's almost 3 times as fast as my 1000w microwave) and you can eat / drink directly from the unit.  It also self ignites so you can even leave the lighter / matchbook at home.

Here's how it works for me.  I heat a full container of water to boiling - then I take the black plastic cup (see photo) that doubles as a guard for the heat exchanger on the bottom of the container and use it as a bowl for two packs of instant oatmeal.  The remainder I turn into a large (American size) cup of coffee and drink directly from the cooking container.

A quick rinse when I'm done and the whole thing packs back up.  There aren't even any worries about rust if you don't get the unit totally dry as the unit is made from titanium. Many people ask about the coffee press and how hard is it to clean in camp.  In short - not hard at all. With the proper technique. The cool thing about the Jetboil coffee press is that it comes apart so that it all fits in the container.  There is a threaded rod that comes in two parts and the filter basket has a threaded hole in it's center where you attach the rod.  Because of this threaded hole, you can use the press basket upside down.  Huh?  Stay with me.

When you have your boiling water - instead of adding your coffee and then pressing the grounds to the bottom - do the opposite.  Put the basket on the rod upside down and press it to the bottom of the container.  Then add your coffee.  When ready simply pull the grounds up and out of the container and flip them in the trash.  Season to taste.

The container was apparently designed with back packer style freeze dried meals in mind as it makes about a quart of boiling water.  It's also just the right size for a can of Dinty Moore to fit and heat in a hot water bath.

I've had my unit for about a season and a half which makes me a fairly early adopter.  Jetboil had a problem with the gas valve on early units and organized a recall.  My unit was included.  The Jetboil company sent me a notice both electronic and snail mail of the recall.  I responded, and they sent me a pre-paid box to pack my burner / valve unit in and return it.  Less than a week later I had a new unit at no cost.  Great service.

I love this product!  Get one!

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